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To our readers...
About Driving In Alaska
One of the biggest problems Alaskan travelers have is that they underestimate the amount of time it takes to get across Alaska. People find themselves pushing daylight (and there is a lot of it to push) to get to their destination.

Alaska Driving Advice
We have come up with three rules for you when you are planning your trip.

Give yourself three times as long to get somewhere (based on distance) as it would take you at home.

Stay at least two nights in every place – so you aren't continually packing, unpacking, and registering. This will allow you to get the lay of the land, meet people and have a more spontaneous, in-depth trip – because you aren't worrying about reaching your destination.

Pull over when you get tired. It may seem like simple advice, but the long daylight hours in Alaska can make it hard to sleep. Sometimes you'll find yourself up at three in the morning. Add to that the excitement of being in an interesting place, and you'll end up very tired after lunch.
Help Others Have A Great Denali Adventure!
If you have visited Denali and would like to help others have a good trip – by donating photos for possible use in one of our Alaska internet travel guides or printed publications – email the photos with a description of things you enjoyed doing to:

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National Park Service At Denali
You can press this logo in the page sidebars to go to the Denali National Park Service Website.
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Places To Eat, Sleep & Have Adventures At Denali
You can press this logo and find out where you can stay, options for eating out and all the different adventures you can have that will make your visit to Denali unique and memorable.
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denali park ermine - Jimmy Tohill

Photo of a curious ermine, Jimmy Tohill
© Old Sourdough Studio – Denali


The entrance sign has a pull-out where you can take your picture.

Rafters on the Nenana River

The Nenana Canyon has great rapids for exciting raft trips.

Denali Park Road mile 9

You can't see Denali from the entrance but if you drive to Mile 9 of the Park Road you may catch a glimpse of "the mountain."

Denali Park Visitor Center

The Denali Visitor Center is about a mile down the Park Road just past the Roundabout.

Denali Park junior ranger program corner

Denali Park is very exciting for kids 7 to 14 years old.

Denali National Park Camper Bus

Want to get your teenager to pay attention? Take a rented bike on a camper bus, then get out and bike the Park Road with the bears!

Denali National Park Visitors check out a trail map

Signs & maps in the entrance area tell you where you are.

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