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Here Is A Quick Photo Look At Denali

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A Short Photo Tour Of The Entrance Area

• Photo Tips For Denali Park

People who come to Denali take a lot of photos, but are often disappointed that the pictures they take don't do the animals and scenery justice. We asked Jimmy Tohill to give some advice on taking good pictures. In this section, he describes where he was and how he found his wildlife subjects.

• More Photo Tips

Jimmy Tohill gives basic advice on picture taking. Get out your camera manual because one piece of advice is to figure out how your camera works.

• Just For Fun - Draw the Northern Lights

Luke Weld made a game for drawing the Northern Lights. It is almost as magical as the Northern Lights themselves.

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Willow Ptarmigan at Denali by Buck Shreck

Mile 135 On The Parks Highway

If It is a good day you won't find a better spot than this to take a picture of Denali.