The Denali Bus Depot is where you go to make reservations for campgrounds and bus trips. You can also make reservations ahead of time over the phone or on the internet. The reservations are handled by the Park concessionaire. Photo, Northcountry

smallcheckboxredbrown 1. Bus Reservations
Make Reservations: At the Denali Bus Depot • Phone: (1 day ahead) 800-622-7275 (USA) 907-272-7275 (International)
Fees depend upon how far you are going into the park and how old you are. There is a park entrance fee that is good for a week, so you only have to pay once during your visit. The fee is added on to bus and campground reservations. There are longer term passes available

smallcheckboxredbrown 2. Campground Reservations
Make Reservations: At the Denali Bus Depot Online:
Or Phone: (1 day ahead) 800-622-7275 (USA) • 907-272-7275 (International)

smallcheckboxredbrown 3. Denali Bus Depot
Buses leave as early as 5 am. Reservation Center opens at 7 am and closes at 7pm.
Go to the Denali Bus Depot, for:
smallcheckboxredbrown Campground Reservations
smallcheckboxredbrown Bus Reservations
smallcheckboxredbrown Bus Stop For All Shuttles
smallcheckboxredbrown Ticket Pick-Ups
smallcheckboxredbrown Lost & Found (907-683-9275)
smallcheckboxredbrown Backcountry Information Center
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Reservation Information
Families have a good time when they visit Denali National Park
Families can have a good experience in Denali National Park
Denali is a good place for families. Parents can expose their children to a lot of information as well as good hiking and animal viewing. Just resist the temptation to take that very long bus ride. The visitor center center at Eielson is as far as you can reasonably go with a group of kids.
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Make sure all your kids have proper clothing, backpacks and footwear, as well as plenty of water and snacks and sandwiches. It is a good idea to have enough binoculars too. One for everyone is ideal. You can rent them locally.
Photo, Northcountry
Reservation counter at Denali Bus Depot