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The magazine about Denali.

The goal of our travel magazines is to help travelers – giving them answers to specific questions they have about Alaska. They tell you what to expect, where you can stay, where you can eat, and what to do while you are here. The guides tell you about the Alaskan lifestyle. They are written to be interesting and informative, with lots of pictures. We want you to have more than a good trip – we want you to have a journey!

The Denali Summer Times is made and printed in Alaska. You'll find it available all over the state. In Anchorage, you'll find them at the airport and car rentals. If you need one when you get to Denali, you can find the Denali Summer Times at the Wilderness Access Center in the Park, or on the Nenana Canyon boardwalk.

Northcountry Communications owns and prints the Denali Summer Times. It is a privately owned local Alaskan company, and is not supported by tax revenues.

In addition to the yearly 100,000 copy
Denali Summer Times,
Northcountry Communications, Inc., prints
The Parks Highway Bearfoot Travel Guide,
The Glenn and Richardson Highway Bearfoot, and the Anchorage Summer Times/Kenai Bearfoot Travel Guide.
We will send you all four travel magazines via priority mail for $9.95.

Call with your credit card to 1-800-478-8300
or send a check to 2440 E Tudor Rd #122, Anchorage AK 99507.

Denali Summer Times

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