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All Photos: JimmyT ohill, Old Sourdough Studio, Denali
Here are six wild animals you might see in the Denali National Park area on your bus trip into the park.
Grizzly Bears. Grizzlies weigh up to 600 Ibs. Around 300 to 350 grizzly bears live in the park on
the north side of the Alaska Range. You can see them on open tundra, and along the gravel bars of streams and rivers. These grizzlies eat roots, berries, bulbs, tubers and fresh vegetation early in the season. They also eat ground squirrels, caribou, moose and sheep. Grizzlies hibernate from October to April. Grizzly bears vary in color from brown to blond.
Dall Sheep. These herbivores eat low-growing alpine plants year-round. They can be seen
from Mile 15 to Mile 17 on the Park Road. If you drive to Savage River, look for sheep around Savage Rock and above Savage Alpine Trail. They're also seen at Igloo Canyon, Polychrome and
Toklat. Around 1,600 Dall Sheep live in the park.
Caribou. Around 2,660 Denali Park caribou roam in groups. Caribou favor open tundra and
ridgetops, where they fmd lichens and escape the bugs. Both male and female caribou have antlers.
Moose. Common in Denali National Park. You can see moose and calves near the Park
Entrance, or standing in ponds, eating vegetation. Moose weigh up to 1,600 pounds. Around 2,100 live in the park.
Wolves. The park's wolf population on the north side of the Alaska Range is about 72
animals. Look for wolves in areas of better visibility, like open tundra and gravel bars. Wolves are highly social, and usually live in packs.
Red Fox. The red fox actually comes in many colors. You'll see them along the road. Red foxes
eat small game, like ground squirrels.
comes in many colors. You'll see
them along the road. Red foxes II I•I

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